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Why Choose AZ Best Properties to handle all of your property management needs?

AZ Best was founded on the principle that building a legacy through the acquisition of real estate should never be a nuisance or burden that takes you away from spending quality time doing what you love, which is most likely does not involve having to worry about whether or not your property is being cared for in the manner you expect when you are busy keeping up with your own life. 

At AZ Best Vacation Rentals we believe that property owners should be able to entrust their property to someone who has a vested interest in maintaining each and every property in pristine, ready to rent or sell condition, at all times, while paying as much attention to every detail as would the owner of that property.

Whether you purchased a second home for investment purposes, or you were the beneficiary of real property left to you in a will, or even if you purchased that second home as the perfect getaway, only to discover you now have less time to travel than before, we are here to help show you how to turn that investment into positive cash flows with little or no work on your part.

Let us show you how we are helping AZ Best clients earn even more money than they ever thought possible while taking over all of the headaches, worries, and responsibilities that come with maintaining and caring for their most valuable sources of passive income.

The key to success in this industry is the proper application of cutting edge information technology, effective advertising, and the ability to provide the highest quality guest services at the best prices available for the traveler. AZ Best knows how to turn a real property into high income-producing vacation rentals by maximizing gross rental income, which more than covers the costs of a full-time property management company, leaving the owners with more profits than they currently receive from typical property management companies.

Many old school property management companies often contribute to reduced earnings through increased operating costs associated with high maintenance fees, failing to properly screen tenants, not conducting thorough inspections, and failing to timely deal with potential problems.   Moreover, the old way of doing business often results in reduced profits due to increased fees attributable to evicting non-performing tenants, collecting insufficient security deposits for sustained damages and repairs, plus tag on charges associated with collecting rents,  preparing and serving eviction notices, postage, etc. If you are tired of feeling like that second property owns you instead of the other way around, it is time to call AZ Best Properties at (520) 440-6741  and schedule a meeting with Samantha or Leslie who will be more than happy to assess your property management needs.

You should know all of your options from both a long term investment strategy with a passive income and tax advantages mindset, to a short term strategy that may involve prepping your property to sell for the highest amount possible, if that proves more advantageous from a financial perspective.

AZ Best Properties offers solutions to virtually every property management problem, all in house, thanks to the decades of experience that Samantha and Leslie bring to the table. Samantha Wilson offers her wealth of knowledge in the real estate business, as both a real estate broker and realtor, having gained a vast amount of experience in listing all types of real property, in addition to performing property management services for both private owners and commercial clients. Leslie Platt is a Realtor and an Enrolled Agent with over 30 years experience in providing financial advice, accounting, and tax representation services that enables her to deal with the myriad of regulatory and administrative ramifications associated with property ownership.

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